About Me

Abel CruzMicrosoft has adopted a “we’re all in” strategy for the cloud.  In my role as Principal PM at Microsoft IT Engineering, it is my responsibility to drive the long-term technology strategy for the Partner Space.  As part of this strategy, I am leading the efforts to re-architect and migrate the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) on Microsoft.com to the cloud using the Windows Azure™ Platform as its foundation.  The Microsoft Partner Network is the main web portal for Microsoft’s partners to learn about opportunities to strengthen their technical capabilities, gain expertise to help serve customers better, and be part of a community that sparks innovation and connection.

Together with the office of the CIO at Microsoft we have chosen MPN as the first Microsoft enterprise-scale hybrid-application to be re-architected and migrated to take advantage of the Windows Azure™ platform.

My background is in technology, operations, IT, program and project management with intricate knowledge of strategic investments, technology, product strategy, and business development.  I regularly speak at industry conferences and also contribute to some publications and websites.  Some of my special interests include the influence of technology in corporate strategy and the use of technology to lower operations and R&D costs in IT, Healthcare and Financial Services.



  1. Very informative and pertinent. Thanks, Abel!

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