Posted by: Abel Cruz | January 15, 2013

Health Department Uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Connect Families to Lost Ones

Still working to help families locate shifted gravesites affected by Hurricane Katrina seven years after-the-fact, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals needed a solution that could automate manual processes and assist in future disaster management. The department adopted Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage records and internal processes that identify and restore remains to their final resting places. The solution includes a public-facing Microsoft SharePoint web portal, which allows families and concerned members of the public to submit and monitor the progress of their requests.

“Because it is a platform, Microsoft Dynamics CRM enabled us to avoid custom development. It was the only solution out there that we could extend to meet a need as specific as tracking gravesites,” says Henry Yennie, Program Manager for Emergency Preparedness, Louisiana State Department of Health and Hospitals.

Although their job might seem morbid, it’s also one that’s critically appreciated—and one where having the right technology in place can make all the difference for the affected families. The Microsoft dynamics CRM solution speeds completion of the team’s on-going post-Katrina mission, and will find them well prepared in the case of a future catastrophic event.

Read the full story here:


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